Tastes Like Pork: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

As Silas slid behind the wheel of his truck, a thought occurred to him. Wentworth had been consigned to the Gully nearly a century ago. In the late 1800’s, the automobile had just been invented, and wouldn’t have been common out west. Even the gears on a modern bike would be different now than they were in his time, which meant the only reasonable form of transportation for someone like Wentworth would be a horse.

Getting out of the truck, Silas strode quickly back to the bar, pulled the door open and stepped just far enough in so he could see and be seen.

“Hey,” he said loudly enough to get both Emily and Vinnie’s attention. “Either of you heard of a horse being stolen in the last twenty-four hours?”

Both women bobbed their heads. “Just yesterday.” Emily said. “Maude Cummings said a horse was stolen right out of their barn late last night or early this morning. You know where their ranch is?”

Silas nodded. “On it. Thanks.”

Silas went back to his truck for the second time, and got in, pulling out of the parking lot and onto Main Street. The Cummings ranch was just outside town, which made it the first place Wentworth would have passed after leaving Magpie behind. It didn’t take Silas long to reach the town boundary, and once he passed the sign, he turned his headlights to bright and slowed, scanning the fence and road shoulder to his left for any signs of a breach. When he saw scuff marks in the dirt close to the barbed wire, he pulled off to the shoulder and cut the engine. Getting out of the truck, he walked across the road for a closer look. In the distance he could see the tall, dark outline of the barn over the night sky with a single light on in the front. This would’ve been the spot where Wentworth entered the property, and he considered following but he didn’t want to disturb the Cummings for a second night in a row. He also had a good idea of where Wentworth was headed.

“You should know that there is a rifle trained on your chest at this very second.” The voice came out of the darkness somewhere ahead of Silas on the other side of the fence, and he nodded, making sure to keep his hands out from his sides in full view.

“It’s Silas Dawson, Mr. Cummings. I heard you lost a horse, and I’m looking for the man who took it.”

There was a rustling in the tall grass about fifteen feet away, and Ed Cummings stood up and walked to the fence, holding a friendly hand out to Silas.

“Well I sure am glad to hear that,” he said once they’d shook hands. “Any idea what the thief wanted with our Mabel?”

“Just transportation.” There was no need for Ed to know that a cannibal had his horse. Or that there was a very dangerous criminal on the loose. “He is a bit addled in the head, and a bit faster than I gave him credit for, but I can assure you I’ll do everything I can to get Mabel back to you safely and soon.”

Ed looked back at the barn, and then gazed out at the night sky. “I’d be happy to help, if you’ll let me. Do my best not to slow you down.”

“Thanks, but I work better alone. I can tell you right now though, he’s not coming back. So you can rest easy in that regard. I’ll call you as soon as I have something.

You just sit tight and wait for my call. Can you do that?”

Cummings nodded. “Well, I don’t want to be in the way, so yeah, I can do that. What are you after the guy for, anyway?”

“Can’t say,” Silas replied. “But he’s not a nice man, and it would be in all of our best interests to apprehend him sooner rather than later. So call me if you see him, or can think of anything else to share, and I’ll get to work.”

“Will do.” The rancher touched his hat as Silas turned and went back to his truck.

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