Writer’s Notes: Lettuce Prey, Ch. 1

Last fall, I was sitting in a bar watching pool league night and eavesdropping on the other patrons (oh come on, we all do it). Someone across the room was talking (rather loudly, as those who have been drinking do) about how much they hated lettuce. Or something like that. I actually don’t remember anything else about the conversation, to be honest. But the part about lettuce made that proverbial light bulb go on over my head. 

Right then and there, I knew I needed to write a story about someone being killed by lettuce. It’s really hard to stop there though, and pretty soon I had the titles for five stories that would all come together in a collection called Death by Veggies.

Bloody lettuce. It’s what’s for dinner.

Thank you for the inspiration, drunk bar people.

Of course when you plan stories so far in advance with just titles for the story seed, you’re bound to forget the original idea, so I really had no idea what or who I was writing about when I started Lettuce Prey last week. I just knew that there had to be a death by lettuce, somehow, and due to my recent epiphany/setback with Animal, I knew there was not going to be a happy ending, and furthermore, the bad guy (or girl, in this case) must win in the end.

Luckily, Abby came out to play, and she’s everything I never wanted in a friend or neighbor. It’s not really her fault so much though…what girl wouldn’t be thinking murder after what Dominic did to her, right?

So we’ll see what happens, but I’ve gotten a glimpse into Abby’s head. It’s not pretty. We should all probably just back away slowly, and leave her in peace (relatively speaking).

But poking and prodding at things – even bad things – is what writers do. And she’s actually quite eager to tell me more…

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