Things That Go Bump in Your Head

If you’ve read my stories, you know I tend to focus more on the mental side of horror than the physical. Yes, I can get gory at times, but you won’t find slasher-style bloodbaths in most of my work. Mainly because I, personally, am more concerned with/fascinated by horrors of the mind than physical.


I find the mind a far more scary place to poke around in than any physical environment could ever be – partly because it’s the mind that makes an environment scary or mundane, but mostly because what happens in the mind determines how we act, react and move through life in general. That is a crazy powerful thing, if you think about it (pun sort of stumbled over).


I have all sorts of my own fears, many of them involving those I love getting hurt or killed, and not being able to do anything about it. As a control freak, one of my biggest fears is not being able to maintain control, and protect those I love. And of course just being out of control in general – general anesthesia is another of my biggest fears.


Despite those issues, I’m really not much of a worry-wart. You’d think I would be, but if I know for certain I can’t control something, then I can generally push it aside and focus on something else. Weird, isn’t it?


One fear that I explore in my books though is crossed lines. What it would take to turn a normal, generally happy human into a killer of some sort? What kind of mental shift do you have to make in order to leave the customs and mores that society has generally agreed on and become a killer?


I explore that pretty heavily in my books, though I’m not really any closer to solving the mystery. Still, that’s one of the reasons I write what I do – to explore my own mind, and how it works in great detail. I suspect it’ll take awhile to come to any conclusions. A long while, perhaps.


Tell me, if you dare – what goes bump in your head? What’s the thing you’re most afraid of – something that’s all “in your head”, so to speak?

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One Response to Things That Go Bump in Your Head

  1. Ardee Eichelmann says:

    For a thing that goes “bump in the night” it is mostly someone looking in my windows. This thought totally freaks me out, especially the thought of this happening at night. Horrifying!