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Ancient & Not So Ancient Dentistry

Last week I had to get a dental bridge put in for my teeth. It’s been a long time coming, courtesy of a dentist nearly 20 years ago who decided it would be easier/cheaper for me to get a tooth … Continue reading

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Excerpt Day: The Dry Rain

This week’s excerpt is from the first story in the new Insecticide series. It’s supposed to be a short story, but…we’ll see…   Excerpt: The Dry Rain (Insecticide, Book 1) William shuffled his feet through the barren field, papery gray … Continue reading

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Excerpt Day: Lettuce Prey

Excerpt: Lettuce Prey He was feeding the bitch cake. Off his own fork. Bastard. Abby Mars peered through the small portal window in the swinging door that separated the kitchen from the dining room. Her ears burned with anger as … Continue reading

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Children & Death

I debated whether to write this post, because it’s pretty rough stuff, but just be warned – it could be hard for some to read as it centers on children being killed by their parents. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted … Continue reading

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Excerpt Day: Working Late

I like writing short stories – it’s always a challenge trying to fit as much detail into as little space as possible. Today’s excerpt is one of the four flash pieces in No Hazard Pay, a little sampler I put … Continue reading

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Skin Art

Have you ever just looked at skin? Your skin, your partner’s skin, that gorgeous person on the bus or the homeless person you pass on the way to work everyday…everyone’s skin is different, and whether we like to admit it or … Continue reading

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Darkness Becomes Me

I’ve always loved the night. The dark isn’t silent, not by any means, but the noise is a different kind entirely from the hustle and bustle that happens during daylight hours. It’s a soothing sort of sound, the noises of … Continue reading

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Things That Go Bump in Your Head

If you’ve read my stories, you know I tend to focus more on the mental side of horror than the physical. Yes, I can get gory at times, but you won’t find slasher-style bloodbaths in most of my work. Mainly … Continue reading

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