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About Mardeaux Manor

An old, apparently abandoned gothic-style mansion far more suited to the south sits tall and thick with grapevines on the outskirts of the once-bustling, now nearly-deserted Rattlesnake Falls, Montana. Tall sandstone walls stand sentry for the estate on all four … Continue reading

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Skin Art

Have you ever just looked at skin? Your skin, your partner’s skin, that gorgeous person on the bus or the homeless person you pass on the way to work everyday…everyone’s skin is different, and whether we like to admit it or … Continue reading

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The Human Hunt

*Warning – this post contains spoilers for The Blacklist episode 6, air date October 27, 2014. If you haven’t caught up yet, you’ll probably want to skip this. There are a ton of great shows on this season (in my … Continue reading

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WSC is Finished! Now About Nicole…

I spent a good chunk of the holiday weekend writing, working on finishing up the draft of When She Cries. Which is why my first Tuesday non-fiction post is late. The serial draft will run several more weeks yet, but the whole … Continue reading

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