Still Plotting, and Other Sundry Stuff

I’m sorry to say that the new story isn’t quite ready to start just yet. Angel Eyes is off to the editor, and I am loosely plotting the next book. Angel Eyes was the first straight suspense/thriller I’ve ever written, and I learned a lot just from the draft (I’m sure I’ll learn even more from the editor’s notes). With the second Jake & Kate story, I want to see if I can’t refine the story better from the outset (resulting in less revision work later), work on the character arcs and really delve farther into the psychological aspects of both the killer and Jake himself. Basically, I want to make sure the second book is better than the first. And I’ll want the third to be better than the second, etc. Such is the life of a writer.

In any case, one more week ought to give me time to hash out the vague ideas spinning around in my head, and get to know my new killer a little better (everyone wants that, right?). So thanks for your patience. I’ll need to do a little blog clean-up as well. Angel Eyes will be up in serial draft form until next week, and then I’ll be removing it, so if you want to read the first draft free and haven’t been following along, now’s your chance.

In other news, Jeremy C. Shipp – a horror writer and all around quirky and fun person is editing a new anthology for Evil Jester Press (I so love that name). An attic toys anthology that sounds like a lot of fun. I may see if I can’t write something to send in for that…not sure I’ll make the cut since I haven’t written any horror yet (I do have evil clowns, but they’re in my basement rather than our attic), but seems like a fun exercise in any case.

Lastly – if you’re looking for a few good scary stories this Halloween, may I direct your attention to Here be Monsters, that I just downloaded for free with stories by the aforementioned Jeremy C. Shipp and another author friend of mine, India Drummond.

So there you go – new story next week. If you have suggestions for good thrillers/horror stories this Halloween, leave ’em in the comments, please…

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  1. Carol says:

    You just had to include the link for a free book, didn’t you? lol After downloading Here Be Monsters, I checked out some of the other free books and then downloaded . . . um . . . 24 more. Guess I’d better charge up George’s battery. 😀