Plot Notes: The Lab

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When I first started plotting this project, the killer’s lab was going to be a dark, dank, dungeon-like place, perhaps in the basement of a warehouse or a run-down old house. Then I got to know him better, and found out that he’s…well, I can’t actually tell you that. You’ll have to read to find out, so the clues unfold in proper order. I can tell you about his lab though, since it features prominently in the first scene of the story.

The lab is a rectangle about the size of a moderate living room. It’s brightly lit with natural florescent lighting and all the counter surfaces are gleaming white, kept spotless with everything in its place. There are a couple large sinks against one wall, with shiny stainless-steel counters extending out on either side. Above one sink, there hangs a long faucet with a hand-held attachment secured by a hook to the riser, like you’d see in a restaurant. An island in the middle contains countless cupboards below and shelves above, with gleaming equipment, test tubes and jars all neatly arranged. The wall on the other side houses another long work space, with tools of all shapes and varieties hanging on a large pegboard system. The floors are white as well, easy care linoleum with no seams to clean.

Farthest from the door on the opposite short wall, a long solid block sits about two feet off the floor, measuring four feet wide and six feet long. Just above that, there’s a narrow, almost imperceptible seam in the wall just barely larger than the block table below, with a long, thick silver hinge along the bottom.

This is where our killer works on his master project.

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