On Death

I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately. Not my own, necessarily, but about how we feel when people close to us die – and how different it is from person to person.

I know a few people who have lost family members in the somewhat recent past, and I’ve been watching how they appear to deal with it. Obviously I can’t know what’s in their head or heart, and it’s good that I can’t, because that’s a private place people should be allowed to keep sacred. But it is interesting to watch the motions, the movement through grief that is sometimes thick and nearly impossible to move, and other times thin as a wedding veil.

Naturally, all of this got me thinking about how I’d feel if people close to me were to die tomorrow. I think with some people it would be surreal, like I’d just woken from a beautiful dream into a harsh, empty world. A few I’d be…ambivalent about, at best, earning censure from others in my circle.

It’s an odd thing, really. And it’s given me an idea for a short story.

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