Of Watery Moths…

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One morning early this spring, I was leaving for the day job, and tried to open the storm door, forgetting I’d locked it for some reason the night before. I unlocked the door, pushed it open, and about a million little things rained down over my head, surrounding me completely like a brown waterfall of small, crinkly fall leaves. 

In spring.

Or torn bits of brown paper bag. 

Or a zillion miller moths who had decided to take up residence in the top track of our storm door overnight, presumably to keep warm…

I may have shivered a little. And after I got over being annoyed that no one had gotten a photo of the “waterfall of moths” raining down over me for a potential book cover, I may have felt like I had bugs in my hair and clothes for the rest of the day.

And an image of a girl (decidedly not me) standing in a waterfall of moths as if she owns them. Or do they own her? Maybe someday I’ll write the story and find out…

Fast forward to just last week. There was a moth hanging out in the kitchen the previous weekend for some reason – just sort of skittering around the sink, occasionally flitting around the cupboards or windows, but not really causing any harm. I saw him (her?) in the evenings while making dinner, and late at night while cleaning up. He didn’t seem to be bothering anything, so I let him be. Honestly, I hate squishing larger bugs. Mostly due to the mess.

In any case, I thought it was a bit strange when I didn’t see him Monday while making dinner, I assumed he’d found his way out the back door. Or died. Or…something.

That night, I unscrewed the top to my metal water bottle – the one I carry to work with me every day, and refill at lunch because I’m too cheap to chip in for the water cooler at work. I hardly ever finish all of the water, and at night I rinse it out and let it dry in the rack until the next morning.

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Yes, when I took off the cap and dumped the last bit of unfinished water out of the bottle, my little moth friend was riding the waves (dead, of course). No, I don’t know how I avoided drinking him. Maybe he was trapped under the ice, or the rounded edge of the bottle or something. I don’t care, aside from being grateful that whatever happened to allow me to avoid that final straw of grossness did in fact happen.

And yes, as a matter of fact, I did feel like scrubbing my mouth out with soap. Which wouldn’t have helped anyways, because I’d been drinking out of that bottle *all frickin’ day*.

Dead marinated moth juice. Yum. 


Incidentally, according to one of our local county extension agents, leaving a light on over an open toilet bowl is a good way to catch/dispose of millers inside. Who knew? 

So…find any bugs in your water bottle lately?

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5 Responses to Of Watery Moths…

  1. Carol says:

    Haven’t tried drinking a moth, but once I almost sucked up an earwig that was in the straw sticking out of a can of pop I’d left out. 😀

    A couple of years ago we had an infestation of tiny white moths in our house and I became quite adept at snatching them out of the air. It’s not as gross as it sounds – they didn’t leave much behind other than a powdery residue.

    But what was gross was finding all the moth larva in an almost empty bag of peanuts (in the shell) that I’d stashed in the hall closet. They were all through the bag, on the walls, crawling across the ceiling … and they looked like maggots! Much lysol was used that day, I tell you.

  2. Alex W. says:

    Eww! Maggots… *shiver*

    Incidentally, mouse guts sort of look like maggots in certain situations…

  3. Carol says:

    My sister once had maggots coming up her kitchen drain – both in her sink and her dishwasher. 😮

  4. That was soooo gross. I feel a lump in my throat and I don’t want to swallow anything; so gross. Sorry you went through that, ugh..oh uck

  5. Alex Westhaven says:

    Indeed! We aim to freak people out around here, so I’d say mission accomplished, eh?