New Release & Excerpt: Jack

This week’s excerpt is from Jack, my new release out today. For details and links, visit the Snake Bites blog (or click the cover below). To see how it all starts, keep reading…

Brad knows there’s only one way to win the neighborhood Halloween
decorating contest. And he’s willing to do what it takes. But will it be
enough? And will his neighbors survive his efforts? 


Orange flesh
splattered wide as the small pumpkin hit the wall, errant strings
landing on a tall metal shelving unit. Brad slumped back in the folding
chair with a heavy sigh.

“This isn’t working,” he said, surveying the room.

Flat seeds and
fibrous yellow chunks littered every flat surface of the garage,
including the newspaper covered six foot table where two pumpkins still
sat miraculously intact. Each attempt to carve the perfect face for this
year’s neighborhood “Jack” jack-o-lantern contest had tested his
patience closer to the breaking point, until finally he’d found some
small measure of satisfaction in smashing every single one against the
concrete walls.

Every year he
lost. Every year the jackass down the block got all creative and came up
with something so unique that Brad’s pumpkins looked positively
childish, despite the fact that he’d turned forty several years ago. It
didn’t matter that the same guy beat everyone else as well – none of
them deserved to win anyway. No one put as much time and effort into
perfect pumpkin carving than Brad Nelson.

This year would
be different. Brad was determined to show everyone that he was the
best. His Jack would scare everyone right out of their pathetic little
costumes. The thought of them screaming in fear and running back down
the walk brought a smile to his lips.

I hope you enjoy it…
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