New Cover, New Release Dates, New Blog Schedule

First off, allow me to present the cover art for When She Cries, releasing this October 31st. Creepy, isn’t it? But so very Nicole…


Yes, I know that last year I hosted this big Halloween bash here on the blog, with bunches of authors and giveaways and such, but when it came time to start planning this year, I had a choice. I could spend a lot of time scheduling blog posts and monitoring comments/giveaways, or I could focus on getting a bunch of drafts done this month. You know which option I picked, obviously. Blog parties are a lot of fun, but also a lot of work, and I really, really wanted to get this book out to you by Halloween. And so I shall. I’m working hard to finish the draft this week (even though the serial will run longer), and get it to my editor because…


I also want to write one more Death by Veggies story this month. This one was actually inspired by a flash fiction story (250 words) that I wrote this summer for the Tasteful Murders anthology (which is available now on Amazon, by the way – click the cover & go grab a copy…lots of great stories in there, and perfect for this month!). The story I wrote is called Kale Chipped, and…well, it’s only 250 words, and I’m just not quite done with those characters yet. So once I get WSC finished up, I’ll be writing Cooking with Kale, and it’s scheduled to be released this November 28th (yes, just in time for Thanksgiving).

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you may get the skinny on how to get a free, early copy when I finally start up the monthly newsletter again in November.

And finally, the entire Death by Veggies collection will be released as a whole on December 5th in both digital and print formats. Which is perfect timing for…say…Christmas gifts. What could be better than a stocking full of freaky little  horror stories?

So…lots of cool stuff coming up, and there’s more fun news for next year as well. But I won’t spoil that just yet.

Starting today, I’ll be posting a non-fiction post weekly on Tuesdays. I thought it might be fun to discuss some things related to not only my books, but suspense and horror in general. Books (by other people), movies, TV shows, creepy things and people and animals…stuff like that. It’ll be fun, and it will help me with some research and psycho-analysis that will be used in future books. Cool how that works, right?

Thanks for reading, and I hope in addition to the weekly serial installments, you’ll drop by for the non-fiction posts as well.

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One Response to New Cover, New Release Dates, New Blog Schedule

  1. Ardee Eichelmann says:

    Interesting cover! I am looking forward to seeing how this story wraps up and then reading Cooking With Kale. I think your non-fiction posts sound promising too. Good times, good times! 😉