Month O’Screams: The Final Week & Grand Prize Drawing

Can you believe it’s the last week of October already? Halloween is just four days away, and my husband and I are knee-deep in skulls and creepy-crawlies planning scares for the kiddies that night. Of course the weather will be bad, but it generally is, so that’s just par for the course. If it’s cold, all the better for the fog machines. Wind is the only thing capable of really wrecking havoc on the evening.

Now that I’ve jinxed us…

For regular readers who’ve been following my holiday story serial (and any new readers who care to jump in), I’ll have it posted around 6pm on Halloween night. 

If you’ve commented on any post this month (or go back and do it before this Wednesday at midnight), or if you have or do sign up using our handy form, you’re in the drawing to win our great Month O’Screams Grand Prize giveaway, which includes the following:

Print copies of: 
Gameland by Saul Tanpepper
The Necromancer’s Gambit by Nicolas Wilson
Angel Eyes by Alex Westhaven
The Death by Veggies series (Jack, Sprouted & Lettuce Prey) by Alex Westhaven
In a Dark Place – a short fiction anthology by Brazen Snake Books

Also included is some great swag donated by the authors, including book roses by Nolie Wilson (Nicolas Wilson’s wife), bookmarks & postcards from Saul Tanpepper, and a few other little Halloween treats & tricks! The grand prize winner will be announced by 9am (MDT) Thursday, Oct. 31st.

As for the remaining Month O’Screams posts, here’s the schedule for this week – I hope you’ll check them out! 

Tuesday: Why Horror? 
Wednesday: Author Interview – Ryan Casey
Thursday: Grand Prize Giveaway, Holiday Serial story installment
Friday: Month O’Screams Thanks & Credits

Thanks for joining us for one more week! Scare you on the flip side…

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One Response to Month O’Screams: The Final Week & Grand Prize Drawing

  1. Carol says:

    Looks like a lot of good stuff lined up for the week ahead.

    I’m especially looking forward to the interview with Ryan Casey. His book, The Painting, was really, really creepy! But in an awesome, psychological thriller kind of way. 😉