Excerpt: The Alien Bride by Brie McGill

Settle in for a splash of biopunk on this fine fall Friday! Brie McGill shares an excerpt of The Alien Bride with us today…and at the end, you’ll find a link to a dramatic reading by the author herself! Don’t forget to comment afterward or sign up here for an entry into our Month O’Screams drawing.

Excerpt: The Alien Bride

was a tortuous hike through three frosty sectors of the building
before Aleister’s RCU indicated close range with the target. They
passed hallway after hallway, door after door, everything locked and
stamped with the bident emblem of death.

thumbed through his RCU. “I should have the access codes here.”
He lifted a hand, prepared to input the code.

a metal groan, the doors rolled open before he inputted anything.

shivered, peering inside: against the far wall sat an empty hospital
bed with rumpled, contusion-purple sheets, connected to a complex
bank of computer screens. Swabs, syringes, and glass jars packed with
gauze cluttered a grey marbled sink. Scab-purple curtains dangled
from the ceiling and fluttered in the cold draft slicing through the

young woman appeared in the corner of the room, clutching Orion’s
scarlet patchwork knapsack. Flowing robes of black silk dangled
around her wraithlike frame, rippling with her contained,
premeditated movements. Her stomach stretched with a pregnancy in the
third trimester.

opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out.

and Nero were equally dumbfounded.

door slammed shut behind them.

girl approached slowly, taking one tiny, purposeful, powerful step at
a time. “You’ve come to help.” She stared at them with green
eyes flickering with the light of St. Elmo’s fire.

felt a twisting, foreboding knot in her stomach, something about the
girl that told her to run, run far away, as fast as she could.

girl lifted the bag, her dainty fingers, white like bone, digging
into the fabric. “You’ve come to help. . . haven’t you?”

to help with what?” Aleister stepped in front of Ninkasi. “What
are you, child?”

shot a glance at Aleister. Could he feel it, too, the enormous stormy
gravity of her fragile presence?

girl approached him languidly, each step a thunderous black demand
and a desperate plea. “They’ve taken him to the basement.”

basement?” Aleister raised a bushy eyebrow. “Who?”

presented him the bag. “We must hurry.” Her voice was mousy,
vacant, each word ringing as if her statements were incomplete.

tentatively accepted the sack, glancing from the bag to the girl.
“This is. . .
bag. . .”

noticed skin discolorations on the girl’s neck, her arms, bruises
as if someone had struck her. “You mean, you know where Orion is?”

took him to the basement.” The girl approached the door, moving
with a ghoulish air. “Come.”

can take us to Orion?” Ninkasi scrambled after her.

girl placed her hand inside the black biometrics box, opening the
doors. “I cannot free him myself.” She exited.

is he? What’s happening?” Ninkasi shadowed her, despite the
repelling aura, despite the ominous twitch in her gut that told her
“What are we doing?”

girl placed a frigid hand on her shoulder. “Come.”

Learn more about the author in this interview, and get your copy of The Alien Bride on Amazon. But first, visit Brie’s blog for a dramatic video reading of the first chapter by the author herself!

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  1. Carol says:

    Nicely tantalizing!

    I’ll need to pick up a copy of this book to answer all the questions I have. 🙂