Excerpt Day: Jack

Today’s excerpt is from a Halloween story…which I thought was somewhat appropriate given that some people on Facebook are calling for an end to Valentine’s Day with a second Halloween instead…

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Excerpt: Jack

Two hours later, Brad was frustrated.

May hadn’t exactly been in a cooperative mood once she figured out what he had in mind. He’d already tied her down, which kept her from going too crazy, but there was no way he could let her go now. Not until after Halloween. And by then, well, he doubted she’d been in a forgiving mood, given her current state.

He regarded her from his work stool as she sat tied to a folding chair across the room. The orange paint had stained her skin nicely – just a light wash was all it took. And the green he’d found had clumped nicely in large chunks of her hair to create a cascade of real-enough looking leaves. A bit of white for the triangles around her eyes and nose was cracking, but it was old paint, and before he’d found enough metal wire to create a stretcher frame for her lips, she’d moved around too much before the paint dried.

He’d touch that up later.

Now he just had to decide whether it was easier to store a live body or a corpse. The corpse would be safer, obviously, since it couldn’t really run off (and if it did, well, that would be fitting for the season). A live body would need water and probably some sort of sustenance for the remaining three days…but no refrigeration, which was a plus, since he didn’t own a large enough freezer.

Having no experience with corpses, he wasn’t sure what kind of changes the body would go through either. And he was quite fond of how his little “Jill” had turned out so far. Those plump pumpkin-breasts were sure going to be a hit with the older teens and dads. The thought made him smile.

So it’s settled then,” he said, enjoying the way her eyes darted nervously to him, and then around the room. They looked almost animalistic, wild when she did that. “I need you alive for the big show.”

Perfectly freaky.

He’d have to make her somewhat comfortable though – she couldn’t stay like that for four days. And he certainly wasn’t going to clean up after her. Considering his options, he decided on the basement guest room and bathroom suite. No windows, thick concrete walls, a sturdy lock, and she’d be safe there until Halloween. His very own pumpkin-girl.

I’m really glad you’re staying, May. You’ll be the star of the show, I promise. And when I win the Jack competition, we’ll celebrate. How’s that sound?”

Tears leaked from her eyes as she shook her head, trying to speak, but the wire holding her mouth in the standard toothy jack-o-lantern grimace wouldn’t allow more than a strangled sound from her throat.

He walked over and untied her feet first, then cut the rope holding her arms to the chair while leaving her wrists bound. Slinging her over his shoulder, he took her to the house through the connecting door and deposited her on the bed in the basement guest room. Carefully removing the wire lip frame, he severed the rest of the ropes and left her sobbing on the old comforter his mother had made, locking the door behind him.

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