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Things That Go Bump in Your Head

If you’ve read my stories, you know I tend to focus more on the mental side of horror than the physical. Yes, I can get gory at times, but you won’t find slasher-style bloodbaths in most of my work. Mainly … Continue reading

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Into the Wild…

In an eleventh-hour decision this past Saturday morning, I suggested to my husband that we do a Creepy Campout for the theme of our Halloween yard haunt this year. Yes, normally we have these planned far, far in advance, but … Continue reading

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WSC is Finished! Now About Nicole…

I spent a good chunk of the holiday weekend writing, working on finishing up the draft of When She Cries. Which is why my first Tuesday non-fiction post is late. The serial draft will run several more weeks yet, but the whole … Continue reading

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Why Horror?

I wrote a post last summer called “A Horror Writer’s Dilemma”. In it, I explored the reasons I read and write horror, and today, I’m reposting the majority of it for your thoughts and/or discussion. If you’re a writer, feel free to add your reasons for writing what you do in the comments. Readers, jump in and tell us – why do you read horror?
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A Horror Writer’s Dilemma

I’ve taken the Sprouted serial down today – the edited, polished version will be available for sale on Friday. Thanks again to those who read the serial version!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I write horror the way I do – and more to the point, why I’ve been leaning towards serial killers as the main characters. What makes me want to explore
that particular psychological make-up? Is it healthy? Is it something I should even subject my mind (and my reader’s minds) to? At what point is it best to just …

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Writer’s Notes: Lettuce Prey, Ch. 4

Abby’s kind of scaring me – I knew she was thinking things through, but I didn’t really expect the whole truck thing. Makes sense though. I mean, there has to be a way to clean out the apartment after, right? … Continue reading

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Writer’s Notes: Lettuce Prey, Ch. 1

Last fall, I was sitting in a bar watching pool league night and eavesdropping on the other patrons (oh come on, we all do it). Someone across the room was talking (rather loudly, as those who have been drinking do) … Continue reading

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