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Excerpt: Gameland: Deep Into The Game by Saul Tanpepper

It wasn’t Reggie’s idea to break into Gameland, not initially, though of course he took all the credit. He liked being the go-to guy whenever it was something the five of us could all get behind. He was funny that way—a big brute of a kid with all kinds of brains and good looks and a huge gaping insecurity complex that needed constant attention. But whenever something turned out to be not so good after all, he was usually the first to distance himself from it, claiming he always knew it was a bad idea, right from the beginning. That’s just the way he was.
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Excerpt: Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon

Steve Vernon has been writing horror since the mid-eighties and Halloween has ALWAYS been his favorite time of year. Connect with Steve: Website | Twitter
Today, Steve will be sharing an excerpt from his full length scarecrow novel, TATTERDEMON.
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“Gallow-ween” by Steve Vernon

Today we welcome Steve Vernon to the blog, telling us what Halloween means to him. Enjoy the post, and
don’t forget to comment afterward for an entry into our Month O’Screams drawings…


Halloween has always been my favorite time of the year. I know that things have changed since I was young. You don’t see the crowds of kids in Superman costumes, hobo garb, clown suits and ghost
sheets the way you used to. Nowadays kids …
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