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Excerpt Day: Working Late

I like writing short stories – it’s always a challenge trying to fit as much detail into as little space as possible. Today’s excerpt is one of the four flash pieces in No Hazard Pay, a little sampler I put … Continue reading

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Christmas Red

A little gift for you – have a Creepy Christmas! Christmas Red Coppery. Sticky. Burgundy-sweet. Thick liquid candy, and always a treat.  Tip the bottle up high, feel it burn down your throat. Soft fuzzy trim on a dark Santa’s … Continue reading

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Flash Fiction: Wraith by Cole Knightly

Grab your favorite snack and settle in with a blanket – Cole Knightly has a creepy piece of flash fiction to share with us today! And remember to comment on this post or sign up here for your chance to win a bunch of ebooks tonight!
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Flash Fiction: The Death Webs by Alex Westhaven

The hardest part was not giving in to the panic.
As she was dropped into the pit, Amy held her limbs stiff, twisting her body slightly when needed to adjust her course. It was imperative that her face and hands remain free. Her only hope.
The first web was just below, and she leaned away to avoid the sticky ropes. She wasn’t sure how many there were – no one was save the judges, and she had to catch one or be killed by the fall.
And yet, the farther she went, the more speed built up, which meant more vibration of the web when she landed.
The handbook said vibration was bad.
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Flash Fiction: The Boss’s Breakfast

This week for your…amusement…a flash fiction piece from No Hazard Pay, my first flash collection. Bon appetite!

The Boss’s Breakfast

Rick whistled as he pulled the heavy glass door open. It was still early and the office was mostly dark, just as he’d hoped. The project he’d been working on for the
past several months was nearly finished, and two …

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