Bugs Plus Robots Equal World Domination

First off, in reply to last week’s comment from Ardee-ann…I totally agree. If any insects are going to take over the world, it will definitely be cockroaches. *shudder* Hardy little critters, they are….zombienanopackage

In continuing with the theme, I was looking at Hexbugs this week (okay, I was looking at the zombie hexbug in a coffin shown above, which I may yet order), and thinking to myself, “Dude. If cockroaches don’t take over the world, it’s gonna be these things.”

If you haven’t seen them before, Hexbugs are little bug-like robots that scurry around and…well…that’s all they do, really. Unless it’s an aquabug, in which case it swims around. They’re robots. And bugs. And the only reason I don’t have any yet is because if I get one, I’m going to want more, and just when I get ready to take over the world with my hex bug army, they’ll turn on me, eat their way under my skin, take over my brain and use my body to infiltrate the human race one little piece at a time.

Or…my husband might kill me for starting yet another toy collection. Though I do have a mostly empty table at work that could do with a little faux “bug life”…

**Note: I did in fact order a Zombie Hexbug. And I ordered a couple of extras too…whatever will I do with those? Stay tuned…**

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2 Responses to Bugs Plus Robots Equal World Domination

  1. Ardee Eichelmann says:

    Zombie hexbugs sound like fun! Let me know what they are like in real life!

  2. Carol says:

    I’ve been eyeing those hexbugs for a long time too. But so far I’ve been able to resist getting one. 😉

    But I think about how much they’d freak out the cats and I’m soooo tempted!