Back to Work & Pack Snakes

Life is cyclical, and so too, are things like blogging. I’ve never actually stopped blogging on my main site, but my alter-egos have gotten the shaft for the past couple of years, and that’s just how it is, unfortunately. I went through a long period of not writing when some pretty serious life changes were beating me up mentally, and while it wasn’t fun, I like to think I’m a better, stronger person for it. Mostly because that would mean those two years weren’t just wasted time…

In any case, I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging here and getting some stories done and published, but the blogging may be a little spotty while I get the schedules worked out.

For today, something that caught my eye this week in the world of creepy-crawlies:

An article came out this week that a researcher in Cuba observed three pythons hunting bats together. Mashable sums it up here. Snakes are generally pretty solitary critters, so this is quite notable, and considering snakes are generally considered completely instinctual, the fact that they learned that they would have more success hunting together than alone is a pretty big departure from what my normal perception of “snake life” is like.

If snakes can learn to hunt in packs, what else to they have the capacity to learn? Are they smarter than we previously thought? Or is it still just instinct that leads them to work together?

Somewhat more worrisome…if they can learn to hunt in a pack for bats, what’s to stop them from hunting larger things in packs? Like…say…humans?

In other news, I’ve noticed the cupboard moths are back. And I am currently working on revisions to The Dry Rain, the last serial story I posted here, featuring a paper moth infestation so bad that the world is going apocalyptic. It should be done and ready to publish sometime this summer, so stay tuned!

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