Angel Eyes, Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

He closed the door behind him, choosing a chair on the right side of the table, but not sitting. “Ladies first,” he said, watching her closing for a reaction. She had to be in law enforcement, judging by the set of her shoulders, the uniform quality of her suit and the practical black shoes that did nothing for her feminine frame. He met her gaze, the cool green eyes unblinking as she watched him watching her. FBI, he guessed, and with that chip on her shoulder, probably one of the best. He pulled out the chair and sat down, satisfied with the look of surprise on her face, quickly hidden again behind her staid mask.

“I understand that Megan Hunter is one of your patients?” She paced the front of the room, her eyes trained on the file in her hand. He’d bet she wasn’t reading anything, just acting the part.


She glanced up at him, as if she expected him to continue. When he didn’t, she looked back at her file. “It says here that you worked with her – in what capacity did you know Megan?”

“She’s an intern at my practice.” This time when she looked at him, he raised an eyebrow, silently challenging her to work for the information she wanted.

To her credit, the woman merely looked back at the file. “What was the nature of your relationship?”

“I’m her boss,” he replied, barely resisting the urge to expound. Something told him everything he said could and might be used against him. No reason to give them more ammunition than necessary.

Sliding into the head chair, the agent leaned forward. Jacob appreciated the change in strategy when he caught an eyeful of smooth cleavage encased in lilac lace. “What color are Megan’s eyes?”

“Hazel,” he answered automatically, confused when the corner of her mouth curved up with just the slightest hint of satisfaction. He sat back in his chair, curious but wary.

“Where were you between eight and midnight tonight?” She slipped the glasses off, dangling them from one hand as she tilted her head. Apparently since the boob shot had worked, she figured flirtation was her best bet for information.

He played along, winking at her across the table. “At home, banging a curvy brunette I met at the bar. I’m not planning on calling her again though, so if you’re interested…” He stifled a laugh as the agent quickly put her glasses back on and sat up straight, all business again.

“I’ll need her name, and the name of the bar you were at,” she said, her voice ice cold. She pushed a notepad and pen across the table. “I’ll also need a list of your patients, and anyone else who works with you.”

He ignored the pen and paper. “The bar is O’Malley’s on Thirteenth,” he said, tired of playing. “I can’t remember her name, and you’ll need a warrant if you want information on any of my patients. Now, what the hell happened to Megan, and why can’t I see her?”

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  1. Carol says:


    Ms. FBI better watch out. The doctor doesn’t seem like a pushover – if she’s not careful she might find herself working with him.