About Mardeaux Manor

An old, apparently abandoned gothic-style mansion far more suited to the south sits tall and thick with grapevines on the outskirts of the once-bustling, now nearly-deserted Rattlesnake Falls, Montana. Tall sandstone walls stand sentry for the estate on all four sides, interrupted only by three wrought-iron gates with impossibly thick, twisted black bars rarely seen in these parts. Peering through the front gate, one can make out a fountain of some sort in the center of the courtyard, covered in wide grape leaves to match the residence. The bones of several sweeping gardens line a wide drive that circles to the front door, and then veers off round the left side of the house.

Walking the wall to the back gate is no easy matter. One is forced to give the wall a good berth, due to the wild rose bushes and poison oak intermingled all along its considerable length. Whether intentional or not, the plants make effective guardians and are admittedly do make the beige sandstone more agreeable to the eye.

Through the back gate one can see more overgrown gardens, a stone well housing that probably supplied water for the household at one time, a small cemetery with its own shorter iron fencing, and a sandstone-block carriage house, with a small stable and horse pen just past where the drive finally terminates.

It’s said that one hundred men were brought in to mine the sandstone for the structures from nearby rock formations, the blocks moved by horse and sled. Indentured servants from Ireland predominantly cared for and maintained the estate while the Mardeaux family was in residence.

As far as anyone can estimate, the estate takes up around thirty acres originally owned by one M. Mardeaux who disappeared in 1902. The house and grounds are untouchable. Many attempts have been made to destroy it, and every time, people are killed, equipment is damaged beyond repair, and the walls remain upright and intact. Though many have tried, no locksmith can open the gates, and those who dare to climb over are never seen or heard from again.

Soon, dear readers. We will breach the walls and discover for ourselves what lies beyond…

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